Sunday, 19 June 2016

Xchat script for catching flash-in-the-pan users

I've been trying to speak to someone on IRC who is only very sporadically online, and when they are, it's often for less than a minute. They probably just connect, see no activity (in a very short period) and thus leave again. I'm in self-exile from the channel they join, so they don't greet me, which would normally trigger my IRC client's nick catcher that pops up an alert.

/notify helps me to at least see when they were online, but it doesn't help me catch them while they're still online. Xchat's "Friends" list doesn't pop up an alert, unfortunately. Frustratingly I often check on IRC only to see that they had been online while I was at my computer - just busy doing something else.

So I wrote an Xchat script to help me out. It's a script that performs an arbitrary command when a matching "Notify Online" event occurs. I've set it to msg myself, which will cause Xchat to pop up an alert, and hopefully I'll notice that while I'm working on my dark web drug marketplace or watching pr0n.

The script:

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